Demons Youth Indigenous Guernsey

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Our 2020 Indigenous Guernsey has been designed by Neville Jetta:


Kaartdijin kura yey boodja’ - Knowledge of the past and present country (Noongar language)


My artwork tells the story of connection.


Having a deep ancestral bond allows us to carry an understanding

of who we are, where we are from and where we are going, always

knowing that we will find our way home.


The dots symbolise our ongoing connection to the lands and skies of

our Country. The connected lines display our song lines/pathways

and shows that we are protected.


The language groups on the bottom half of the jumper shows that

although we are one people, we are also many, with different

languages and dialects who continue to survive and practice what

has been passed down over thousands of generations.


Lastly, it’s about bringing attention to the conversation about the

importance of language for our identity.